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Our approach

Prior to

If interested in  the LightCatcher, the lighting engineers create a fully customized lighting plan  according to the wishes of the customer but also according to  the function of the building.

The customer provides the necessary plans  to Eco Nation.  In this way EcoNation can give you a realistic picture of what to expect.  Furthermore, the practical side is also considered, such as the roof structure, slope of the roof, obstacles, layout of the building, etc. 
If the standard LightCatcher is not applicable  is, EcoNation will draw this custom for your project.

Our daylight experts are happy to make their expertise available to architects and design offices. We can prepare the daylight simulations that serve as a burden of proof in sustainable assessment methods such as BREEAM and LEED.

During the day

EcoNation provides on-site support. We are responsible for coordination and project follow-up during the project. We prepare the necessary documents related to safety and are also always willing to participate in site meetings.  

The roofing works are preferably carried out by the 'house roofer'. Do you not have or do you know a roofer yourself? Then EcoNation will contact their roofing network.  

EcoNation can undertake both the supervision and execution of the assembly of the LightCatcher technology. This includes: placement of the light well, lenses, technology, activation of the system and sealing the dome watertight.


Once the LightCatcher is installed, it just does its job.

EcoNation also offers after service. For companies we offer maintenance contracts whereby all LightCatchers are inspected periodically. This way you can always enjoy pleasant daylight in your room.

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