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What is a relight?


With a relighting, the old energy-consuming fixtures are replaced by new highly efficient LED lighting. This saves on electricity bills, maintenance costs and you also take care of the environment. The government supports these ecological investments, which means that you are entitled to various subsidies and premiums.  

Customer service

1. Appointment with the customer

Everything starts with an appointment in your company. An EcoNation representative will come by to analyze current lighting and discuss your requirements. The representative will forward this to the lighting engineer, who will prepare a qualitative proposal for you.

2. Light study

The lighting engineer prepares a savings calculation and a lighting study for your building. The focus is always on an ideal light distribution and the lowest possible investment. We achieve this by combining LED lighting with motion sensors and/or light sensors. This way you can save extra on your consumption. In addition, the fixtures are drawn taking into account the installation cost.

By combining the theoretical and practical aspects, we can offer you an interesting quote.

3. Execution

Relighting is always done by skilled installers, who install your new lighting neatly and safely.


Advantages of LED lighting

1. Energy efficient

LED lighting is the most efficient  lighting currently on the market. LEDs have a very high light output in relation to the energy they use. By switching to LED lighting, savings of up to 90% can be achieved.

2. Durable

LED lighting has a much longer lifespan than traditional lighting. The burning hours of LED lighting run up to 50,000 hours. The longer lifespan means that the LED lighting does not have to be replaced as quickly. Due to the durability, savings are also generated compared to traditional lighting.  

3. Fast response time

LED lights have a fast response time, which means they work at full strength immediately. This ensures that LED lighting is ideal for  use in combination with motion detectors and/or light sensors. This saves even more.

Frequent switching of LED lighting will not affect the lifespan, which is the case with classic fluorescent lighting.

4. Subsidies

After all, companies that invest in rational use of energy or green energy can receive subsidies, premiums, support or advice from various authorities. By investing in LED lighting, subsidies can be obtained from the government and, in the case of relightings, also from the network operator.  


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