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Interested in our LightCatcher? Our light engineers create a fully customized lighting plan according to your wishes, taking the future function of the building into account.

You provide EcoNation with the necessary plans, so that we can give realistic forecasts. Furthermore, we also look at the practical details such as the roof structure, the roof pitch,  obstacles and the general layout of the building.  This can potentially require custom materials or tailor-made dimensions.  All these details have been studied in advance by our experts.

Our daylight experts put their experience at the disposal of  architects and engineering firms.  We can draw up the daylight simulations that serve as a burden of proof for sustainable assessment methods such as BREEAM and LEED.


EcoNation offers on-site support.  We deal with the coordination and follow-up throughout  the project.  We take care of the necessary documents regarding safety and we are actively participate to on-site project meetings.

The preliminary roofing works are preferably done by your roofer.  If you do not have/know a roofer, we'll address our own network of qualified roofers.  

EcoNation can supervise the assembly of the LightCatcher technology, or we'll do it ourselves if you prefer.

This includes: placing the light shaft, lenses, technology, activation of the system and watertight closing of the dome.


After installation, the LightCatcher simply does the job.

​ We have a dedicated after sales staff and we offer maintenance contracts for periodical inspection and cleaning of your LightCatchers. So that your only concern is how to maximally enjoy the daylight in your building space.

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