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Energy and maintenance savings

Your bills are lighter: the integrated mirror captures the low-lying sun and reflects it into your building.  This allows you to switch off the  artificial lights even more.  Reduction of artificial light consumption results in considerable savings on maintenance of the lighting installation too.

Optimal thermal and  acoustic insulation

The skylight and lenses adds two layers of non-circulating air, which offers an optimal  insulating effect and prevents heavy  temperature fluctuations. As a result, additional savings on heating in winter and cooling in summer can be achieved.  Installing the LightCatcher only requires 1 -  3% of your total roof surface.  

Optimal  light distribution

Wide diffusion of natural, clear daylight.  Without blinding and moving light beams.

Contemporary design

the  LightCatcher has a light shaft with a high-quality interior finish to perfectly slot into your lowered ceiling.   

UV protection

The daylight is UV filtered. in total  the LightCatcher has four layers of UV protection: two filters on the dome and one at each lens level. Therefore the  LightCatcher is also applicable in textile and food companies.



safety first

Strong impact-proof polycarbonte skylight that can be affixed to your roof using optional anti-theft screws.


All benefits of daylight

Perfect color rendering, less eye fatique, pleasant and positive effect on health and well-being.

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