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Pittsburgh Corning

Pittsburgh Corning, known for their cellular glass insulation, invested in 79 LightCatcher. There was no daylight in their workshop. The 56 installed ensure that the employee can work in pleasant conditions. The remaining 23 were installed in the studio.

lichtkoepel-pittsburgh corning-01
lichtkoepel-pittsburgh corning-02
lichtkoepel-pittsburgh corning-03
lichtkoepel-pittsburgh corning-04
lichtkoepel-pittsburgh corning-05
lichtkoepel-pittsburgh corning-06
lichtkoepel-pittsburgh corning-07

Pittsburgh Corning Europe NV

Albertkade 1

3980 Tessenderlo




EcoNation NV

clay nut 6

9030 Mariakerke


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