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The LightCatcher is an innovative, green energy solution that the government appreciates. Its purchase is therefore eligible for subsidies in various ways. At regional and federal level, government support for our intelligent, active daylight system takes place on the one hand in the form of an 'ecology premium' and on the other hand in the form of an 'increased investment deduction'. In addition, you can also receive 'REG premiums' via the network operators.

- Ecology premium Plus? A subsidy or support measure from the Flemish government that is only reserved for the 'Best Available Technologies' as recognized by the government and included in a list. The basic premium is 15% for small and medium-sized enterprises, but can be as much as 21% of the product price. For Large Enterprises, the premium is 7.5 or 10.5% of the product price. The premium is calculated based on the ecological additional costs of your investment. The premium applies to both new construction and renovation projects, as long as your company has an acceptable NACE code, the investment takes place in the Flemish Region and you have no overdue social security debts.

Application for premium precedes investment.

- Increased investment deduction? Applies to companies. The taxable profit of companies is reduced by an increased investment deduction for energy-saving investments. For investments made during the 2015 income year, the increased deduction amounts to 13.5%. Application for certificate follows after investment.

- REG premium? The abbreviation 'REG' stands for Rational Use of Energy. The premiums are requested from and paid out by your grid operator (for example Eandis or Infrax). EcoNation provides you with an energy study of your building and based on the results and the energy savings that the LightCatcher can deliver in your building, the network operator gives you a premium of 0.035 EUR per primary kWh saved. Condition: TVT > 2 years. The higher the return of the LightCatcher, the higher your premium. Count on an intervention of 6 to even 20% of the product price, capped at a premium amount of a maximum of 25,000 EUR. The premium applies to renovation (buildings older than 5 years), not to new construction. Application for certificate precedes investment.

The Netherlands


In the Netherlands, the LightCatcher is also eligible for support in the form of tax incentives:

  • EIA:        the Energy Investment Allowance

  • KIA:        the Small-Scale Investment Deduction


These two measures above can be combined, resulting in a net discount of approximately 17%.


For more information, feel free to contact us.

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