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Energy and maintenance savings


You save on light: the integrated mirror catches the low sun. In this way we create extra hours during which the artificial light can be switched off. The LightCatcher works completely autonomously thanks to a built-in solar panel.

Thermal and acoustic insulation


The LightCatcher blocks temperature fluctuations so that the heating can be lower in the winter or the air conditioning less loud in the summer. The LightCatcher provides intense daylight with compact roof openings.



Optimal light distribution


An optimal and wide diffusion of natural and bright sunlight without dazzling or moving light beams.



Contemporary design


The LightCatcher features a light shaft with a high-quality interior finish. This can be incorporated with a suspended ceiling.



UV protection


The polycarbonate dome has a UV coating on the inside and outside. In addition, the lenses are also treated with a UV coating. This ensures that the light is UV filtered four times. The LightCatcher can therefore also be used in textile and food stores.





Strong impact-resistant polycarbonate dome that can be fixed with anti-burglary screws.



Energetic workplace


Dynamic daylight ensures a healthy working environment and increases productivity.

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