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Your partner in daylight and artificial light

What can we do fo you? 

At EcoNation everything revolves around daylight, roofs and intelligent control of artificial light.

We advise and supervise new construction and renovation projects with a great deal of attention to daylight and the intelligent control of artificial light.

It is our ambition to turn your work environment into an inspiring space that has a positive effect on the health of employees.





 This smart light dome LightCatcher brings more daylight into buildings based on an intelligent mirror system.

The daylight dome  LightCatcher mag  are regarded as the most efficient skylight in the market and has been recognized for it several times.

Roof renovation


Is your roof in need of renovation?

Do you suffer from extremely hot buildings in the summer and are you annoyed by high heating costs in the winter?

Do your skylights or domes need to be replaced?

EcoNation guides your renovation plans with a view to creating a  'optimal' working environment.

Roof renovation


Many buildings still have outdated energy-hungry lighting. We can easily offer a solution for this  

The government also lends a hand. It offers interesting subsidies that allow for a quick return on the investment.

The ideal renewable solution for businesses is:

1. Free daylight via the lightcatcher

2. Energy efficient artificial light

3. Smart control of the artificial light

We can help you from A to Z

LightCatcher in the picture

LightCatcher in the picture

Project in the spotlight

Carglass Distribution in Bilzen is equipped with  422 LightCatchers. In the  warehouse of 40,000 m², approximately 175 MWh is expected to be saved annually. Concrete means  this:

  • Artificial light can burn 2,190 hours annually with this energy

  • There are  8 tennis courts solar panels  necessary to provide this artificial light

  • This energy can alternatively be used to charge 4,000 forklift batteries



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