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Why install solar panels?

Solar panels have never been cheaper than now and electricity is getting more and more expensive. Why not install solar panels? Solar panels can make a big  compensate part of your consumption. Depending on your consumption, a solar installation pays for itself in an average of 5 to 6 years. Since solar panels have a lifespan of 25 years, you can enjoy free green electricity for up to 20 years!

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How do we proceed?

You don't make an investment in PV every day.

EcoNation therefore works out your project with the greatest care, and this according to the highest standards within the sector.  We strive for an installation that is as efficient as possible (yield).

We take into account many factors:

  • Geographical location (orientation)

  • Inclination of your roof

  • Your consumption and any future consumption (heat pump, electric car, ...)

  • Shadow Factors

  • The location of the inverter and the cable route

  • ...

Our sales representative will visit you to discuss all these details with you. We draw up a profile of your consumption and draw up an energy balance. Our team of engineers will then work out a proposal tailored to your home and consumption. Then our team will install your project  according to the rules of the art, with attention to aesthetic finish and, of course, we also take care of the inspection.

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