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EcoNation resolutely opts for the best price/quality ratio. This way you stay insured  of your produce from the sun.

The most important parts of a photovoltaic installation are the solar panels and the inverter.  

Solar panels

EcoNation works with multiple solar panel manufacturers. Solar panel manufacturers are assessed 

on various criteria and then subdivided into categories. These categories are also referred to as 'tier'.

Tier 1 is the highest category (according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance classification).

To be a Tier 1 company, the following conditions must be met:

  • The entire production process is managed by the manufacturer.

  • The company invests heavily in R&D.

  • The solar panels are produced using sophisticated robots.

  • The manufacturer has been supplying solar panels for more than 5 years.


We choose:

  • Monocrystalline modules with a high efficiency per m²

  • Aesthetics: black anodized frames, optionally also completely black modules

  • Original MC4 connectors (unlike many so-called MC4-compatible connectors)

  • Not the latest production technologies, but the most mature and proven technology

In addition, each panel also has a quality label, called 'grade'. 

EcoNation only works with AAA-grade panels from a Tier 1 company.


The inverter is essential. This will convert the direct current generated by the solar panels into usable alternating current. After all, household consumers operate on alternating current.

EcoNation mainly uses Huawei brand inverters. 

In recent years, this electronics giant has risen to become one of the top suppliers for private and industrial solar installations.

With Huawei we ensure that your installation is "future-proof", many possible hurdles are solved in advance:

  • One or more panels will be in the shade throughout the day?                                       No problem: thanks to an optional optimizer, the yield of the entire string of panels is not negatively affected

  • Do you think batteries are the future, but do you think it is still a bit early to invest in them?                         The Huawei inverters are already equipped for the future connection to a home battery.

  • Do you like to view the performance of your solar panels?                                                             With Huawei you also get a monitoring system at home, explained to you at the start of your installation. ​​​

We also use SMA. These robust inverters are of high quality and guarantee a reliable installation.

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